Tours and shows my artwork has been part of.



Enchanted Children Festival, Orpington, June.


World Oceans Day, Orpington shopping centre, June.


Let’s Beat Knives, Newham, London, June.

Myself and two other local Blacksmiths, Mike Turner and Frances Plowden ran a powerful workshop in collaboration with Flanders field community group. We were given crates of confiscated knives by the police and with the help of local people from all ages and backgrounds who’s lives had been affected by knife crime, we shaped and textured them in the forge to form a Beetle sculpture on a pre fabricated frame we brought. This then got mounted in the community garden to send a message of transformation and hope.


Glastonbury Festival- The Park and Shangrila fields June.


Isle of fire’ with Walk the Plank, Vale of Glamorgan, July


A Great Day Out, Victoria Park, London- August. 

Environmental sculpture and children’s recycled jellyfish workshops.

FaceBook private festival, UK, August


Arcadia Spectacular - London, May.

Working with ‘Arcadia’, a large scale performance art collective who
combines sculpture, pyrotechnics, recycling, lighting, circus and music. I organised, set up and ran a series on hands on recycled art workshops for local children and young people from Grenfell Tower in conjunction with
their show at the Olympic Park in London.

With the team I put together, 150 children used metalwork skills,
welding and tyre crafting to produce recycled spider creatures.

Walk the Planks ‘Fire Gardens’ - Barry Island, July.

Aurilliac Festival - France, August

Pamali Festival - Italy, August.

ADM Festival, Netherlands - September.



Isle of Wight Festival - UK, June.

Glastonbury Festival - UK, June.

Pamali Festival - Italy, August.

ADM Festival - Netherlands, October

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea - UK, October.

Milton Keynes 50 th birthday ‘A Feast of fire’

Phillip Morris Christmas Spectacular - Czech Republic, December

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