No Time to Waste
No Time to Waste

Glastonbury Festival 2019

No Time to Waste
No Time to Waste

No Time to Waste
No Time to Waste

No Time to Waste
No Time to Waste

Glastonbury Festival 2019


No Time to Waste is an environmental arts project aimed at 5-11 year olds which seeks to inform and empower young people about issues, such as single use plastic, climate change, and sea life protection so they can make choices to care for and protect our planet.

It is centred around Gusita our 5 meter turtle sculpture made from tyres and other interactive recycled sculptures.

Through storytelling, puppetry, team games, petition signing and hands on workshops such as tyre furniture skills and plastic bag jellyfish we provide a playful sensory learning experience children can integrate into their everyday lives.

We have run our programme at a range of public events and festivals throughout the UK in 2019 and are currently developing our existing frame work based on fed back and our experiences.

We offer different workshop stations where young people use tools to repurpose waste materials into everyday functional furniture.

  • For younger children we use plastic bags and bubble wrap which they source from within a giant turtles belly to make jellyfish. This helps them to make the link of the problems created in the sea by single use plastic.

  • We perform an interactive show with a storyteller around our giant tyre turtle with other puppets which include an octopus,  jellyfish and a bee.

  • We convey information about plastic pollution and the greenhouse effect creatively in 3 different stories, which link together and span the globe through the voyage of a plastic bag giving these issues a global context.

  • Our storytellers provide ideas and everyday solutions to the audience, and get them participating and learning throughout the experience.

  • We host a variety of team games which teach young people about recycling, what happens to our plastic and in which they get to save sea creatures.

  • Our workshops and the ideas we present are directly linked to parts of key stage 2 and year 4 of the national curriculum. and encompasses subjects such as science, maths, design technology, geography, art and PE. 

As the issue of climate change and destruction of natural habitats gains ever increasing media attention and is slowly becoming part of every day life, our research has found children need to be introduced to such topics, with sensitivity, imagination and hope. 


We have found interweaving science, folklore, and positive success stories from around the globe, with practical solutions through workshops and games, combine to make a positive learning experience.

Our ethos is to provide empowering solutions through ongoing legacy programme with schools, in which children see the effects of what they can achieve rather than doom and gloom and statistics!

Getting children out of the classroom and into outdoor green spaces can aid concentration and learning. Connecting with nature gives them a greater appreciation and respect for it.

We therefore use public green spaces such as parks to host learning days for up to 60 school children. 


Apart from the turtle project, we also make environmental sculptures from waste materials.

There are some images in the gallery above of our Albatross and Bees, with more images on the instagram link below.


No Time To Waste is a collaboration between; Felicity Jones, Coco Banks and Annalisa Mandia

Rusty Nutt Metalworks

We have successfully run our programme at a range of public events and festivals throughout the UK in 2019 including:

  • Enchanted children’s festival Orpington.

  • A Great Day Out, Tower Hamlets London.

  • Isle of Fire, Vale of Glamorgan Wales.

  • Glastonbury Festival of contemporary performing arts.

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