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N O  T I M E  T O  W A S T E

No Time to Waste, an environmental arts project, is a collaboration between Felicity, Coco Banks and Annalisa Mandia. It began when they created the 2 giant turtles together and has led to the team making more recycled sculpture, touring their Turtle Gusita to numerous festivals and community events, running recycled art workshops for young people and developing a show centred around trash creatures with the amazing storyteller Kim Brulée.

The projects aim is to inform and empower young people about issues, such as single use plastic, climate change, and sea life protection so they can make choices to care for and protect our planet.

“Through storytelling, puppetry, team games, petition signing and hands on workshops such as tyre furniture skills and plastic bag jellyfish we provide a playful sensory learning experience children can integrate into their everyday lives.”

“We have found interweaving science, folklore, and success stories from around the globe, with practical solutions through workshops and games, positive learning experiences are achieved.”


No Time To Waste have successfully toured their show and sculptures at a range of public events and festivals throughout the UK including:

  • Enchanted children’s festival Orpington.

  • A Great Day Out, Tower Hamlets London.

  • Isle of Fire, Vale of Glamorgan Wales.

  • Glastonbury Festival of contemporary performing arts

  • Whitecross Street party 

  • Lambeth county faire


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