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Felicity creates organic, flowing forms that intersect with an element of danger. Taking inspiration from insects, plants, symmetry in nature and

man made artefacts such as vehicle parts and machinery, she uses a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques to form modern

art works. 


These creations have seen her work appear at prominent public events while also managing to turn heads on the towpaths, on the streets, and in the living-rooms of anyone lucky enough to cross paths with her unique creations.


She truly loves her job and creates each of her pieces with passion and enthusiasm. The design process is just as important to her as the practical stage of her work and she enjoys working closely with clients to fulfil their functional and aesthetic needs as well as taking great pleasure in imagining and realising her own creative visions. 


Please get in touch with Felicity if you’d like to discuss commissioning a unique piece of her work.

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